Who we are

Timor-Leste is home to some of the world’s finest coffee. Plantations grown at high altitude produce high quality coffee rich in flavour, popular with coffee drinkers worldwide

Timorcorp is Timor-Leste's largest exporter of coffee, primarily shipping produce to Australia, Europe and USA. The only Timorese-owned coffee export company, Timorcorp purchases and processes more than 8000 tonnes of Arabica and Robusta parchment coffee beans each year, over 50% of the country’s harvest.

Determined to give back to the Timorese community, Timorcorp’s long-term objective is to provide the highest quality coffee while also providing local Timorese workers with opportunities for employment, education and community development.

Timorcorp pays harvesters the highest price per kilo of all export organisations, playing an enormous role in providing income to over 3000 farmers and 180 full-time Timorese employees. 

President & MD Mr Kenny Lay welcomed into new plant by local dancers in traditional costume

Timorcorp, Dili Processing Facility.

Managing Director, Mr Kenny Lay, moved to Australia from East Timor in 1972. With strong ties to his original home, Mr Lay has always had a genuine desire to give something back to his native country.

Consequently, Mr Lay founded Timorcorp Ltd in 2000 to help develop the small emerging nation’s coffee industry. Since inception, the company has established itself as the leading exporter of Timorese grown coffee in the international marketplace