Timorcorp’s Speciality Coffees

Timorcorp produces the best quality coffee in Timor-Leste and are proud to offer our flagship range of fully & semi washed, Arabica & Robusta coffee bean products to an international market.

Aifu Altura

Originating from the small mountainous villages of Pahata, Turiscai, Maubesse and Eraulu, there are a number of factors that contribute to the distinctive flavour of this coffee:

  • It is grown in beautiful soil with ample rainfall, at an altitude of over 1800 metres.
  • Temperatures range from 10 to 25 degrees Celsius, providing ideal climatic conditions.
  • It is grown under massive shade trees, creating an ideal micro climate for coffee plants to thrive.
  • 100% wild and organic - nature provides all the nutrients the plants need.
  • The crop is hand picked with only blood red cherries harvested.
  • All beans produced are of good size; they all pass over screens (14 - 19) , which means the beans that are supplied are of standard size.

Café Lacu-Ten

Café Lacu-Ten is the coffee produced when the raw coffee cherry is eaten by the Timorese Lacu (Possum), distinctive from the Indonesian Civet Cat which is the source of Kopi Luwak. The beans are passed through the Lacu’s digestive system and excreted intact. 

The enzymes in the stomach of Lacu add to the flavour of the coffee bean through fermentation.

Timorcorp, unlike other producers of Lacu-Ten do not endorse the intensive farming of this product.  Opting instead for the free range harvesting of the product as naturally occurs.